I am a doctoral candidate from the Berlin Institute of Technology, currently working as a research associate at the department of environment, energy, and transportation of the German Insitute of Economic Research (DIW Berlin) and further associated with the Berlin School of Economics.

My research focus is on environmental and energy economics, specifically on the ongoing transition of energy systems towards renewable technologies, and the analysis of anthropogenic externalities on health, productivity, well-being and other areas of human affairs.

To analyze the transition of energy systems towards fossil-free technologies, I make use of numeric bottom-up techno-economic models, while to study the effects of anthropogenic externalities on humans I specialize in econometric methods, particularly panel data, Instrumental variable, and time series models.

Research Interests: Environmental Pollution, Energy Transition, Econometrics, Numeric Modelling, Sector Coupling, Public Policy, Emission Control Mechanisms.

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